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First off, I’m thrilled by the number of people we’ve got already.  I haven’t even formally started sending the concept for America Will Be around widely, and we’ve already got dozens involved.  I’m going to remain focused on building the infrastructure and recruitment for a while, but there are already some urgent things we can do right now to stand up to Trump and for America.
Part 1: What Can We Do Now?
1.  By Monday: Offer Representative Ruben Gallego your support. Gallego, from Arizona’s 7th District, has courageously come out against collaborating with Donald Trump, until he abandons and renounces his anti-democratic power grabs. With other Dems whining about being in the minority, and evening offering Trump support, Rep Gallego is a fresh voice of reason..He’s a young guy (only 37) and is willing to fight.  His office is keeping track of the support he gets, regardless of where it comes from: so call in and thank him for standing up for what he believes in. The district office number is 602-257-9103.
2.  By Wednesday: Stop McCrory from stealing the North Carolina Governor’s mansion. Pat McCrory is the failure of a Republican governor who made North Carolina a national pariah despite his overwhelming majorities in both houses of the state legislature, and managed to lose his re-election while other Republicans handily carried the state (read: People who voted for Trump wouldn’t vote for this guy.) Since election day, he has refused to concede, and has launched challenges to the vote count in over half of North Carolina’s counties. Normally, we could assume eventually this would go away and state AG Roy Cooper would be sworn in.  But — North Carolina has a provision which allows the Republican-dominated House to choose a winner if they decide the election is “contested.” But surely Republicans wouldn’t support a candidate who lost the vote and says crazy things, right? Yea, sure…
    McCrory has been heavily supported by a number of businesses clearly hoping to gain from his reign in North Carolina. Let’s put pressure on those supporters. His top corporate donor is BB&T Bank. E-mail Bob Johnson, GC and “Chief Corporate Governance Officer” at and tell him you are disappointed his company, a top supporter of Gov McCrory’s re-election efforts, hasn’t yet called on him to respect the results of the election.  Bonus points if you are a current customer or can legitimately claim you will not consider being a customer unless they change their stance.
3.  By Friday: Read a foreign newspaper. Seriously.  Most of Trump’s egregious attempts to further his own business interests have been reported first by non-US media.  Scan a few foreign papers (in whatever language you can if your skills extend beyond English) and flag anything you find about Trump!
Part 2: Mixed Media
1.  Egregious anti-democracy action you probably haven’t heard about: Trump’s incoming National Security Adviser had “technicians secretly install an internet connection in his Pentagon office, even though it was forbidden.”  What was that thing Secretary Clinton did that was so bad again — I forget???
2.  Easy to forward clip for family and friends: Why can’t we call alt-right Nazis? They accept the title:
3.  Coward of the Week award: Too easy: Unwilling to take a stand, excited to collaborate.
4.  Hero of the Week award: Dakota Pipeline Protesters.  It’s good to see people standing up for what they believe and exercising their rights to free assembly.  And doing so in the face of extreme police attacks (funny how peaceful protests seem to get water cannons when the Malheur Terrorists get acquitted…)
5.  To end on a high note, here’s you Pro-America, Pro-Democracy pump-up song of the week:

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