All –

December is here and we are not going away.  Expect to hear from us later this week when we’re launching an open letter to Republicans who have previously taken strong stances on investigating government corruption.

Here’s this week’s Actions & Links.

Part 1: What Can We Do Now?

  1. By tomorrow: Take the Wall Street Journal to Task. Donald Trump claimed that 3 million people voted illegally. You would think, by now, most media outlets would have seen how this game in played, and use words like “baseless allegation,” “lies,” or “Weirdly still allowed to have a phone. . .” But not the Wall Street Journal, which simply printed the big, above-the-fold headline “Trump Takes Aim at ‘Millions’ of Votes.” Obviously, this is wrong. Headlines decisions are made the editor level, so drop a note to and ask him to not give any more free publicity to Trump’s lies.
  2. By Friday: By Friday: Hit Breitbart in the Wallet. Another site has helpfully diagrammed exactly how to report Breitbart news to Google Ads. Take a few minutes, and help cut off their cash flow.  Here’s the step-by-step.
  3. By Sunday: Contact the GSA. Trump’s ownership of the Old Post Office in DC becomes illegal on January 20th, when he will violate a clause preventing any government official from benefiting from the lease. The Government Services Administration hasn’t taken a position on whether or not they will enforce the contract by immediately terminating the lease.  Leave a message for GSA’s Inspector General, Carol Ochoa, at 202-501-0450.


Part 2: Mixed Media

  1. Egregious anti-democracy action you probably haven’t heard of: The parent company of Carrier (you know, that company that Trump just offered a bunch of tax breaks to) is United Technologies. Page 41 of his financial disclosures show his stock holdings.  Want to guess what we’ll find?
  2. Easy to forward clip to family and friends: Here’s Sarah Palin calling Donald Trump a “crony.” Enjoy.
  3. Coward of the week award: Jason Chaffetz, the Bulldog of Benghazi hearings, has suddenly decided maybe investigating the government ain’t so important.
  4. Hero of the week award: The Associated Press, for calling a spade a spade (or more precisely, a white supremacist a racist).
  5. Here’s your pro-democracy pro-America pump-up song of the week: No Surrender.

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