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Happy End of 2016 Everyone!  Here’s this week’s Actions & Links.

Part 1: What Can We Do Now?

  1. By tomorrow: Boycott Simon & Schuster. They have just offered Milo Yiannopoulos a book deal and a $250,000 advance. Normalizing hate shouldn’t be profitable: join the boycott of Simon & Schuster books.
  2. By Friday: Help the NYT Write a Headline. Headlines like “Trump Takes Credit for Sprint Plan to Add 5,000 Jobs” make the Unpresidented-Elect’s bogus claim seem legitimate. It’s not. E-mail Public Editor Liz Spayd at and tell her to put more reporting in the Times.
  3. By Sunday: Call Ryan. Paul Ryan wants to end live-streaming from the House floor.  Don’t want anyone to know what you’re up to? 202-225-3031.


Part 2: Mixed Media

  1. Egregious anti-democracy action you probably haven’t heard of: Republicans are planning on delaying the repeal of Obamacare for FOUR YEARS “to cushion the political blow.”  If so many Americans hate it, why wait?
  2. Easy to forward clip to family and friends: Fox apologizes for outright lying about food stamps.
  3. Coward of the week award: Jason Chaffetz, who won’t even investigate Russian hacking.
  4. Hero of the week award: DC City Council passed a law providing paid medical and family leave, which sadly most Americans still don’t have. Thanks DC!
  5. Here’s your pro-democracy, pro-America pump-up song of the week: One of President Obama’s favorites, from his ’08 and ’12 campaigns.

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