Congrats on the success with Uber last week everyone! We got the CEO to resign from Trump’s Ringwraith Council, and to join Lyft in supporting the ACLU.

Part 1: What Can We Do Now?

  1. By tomorrow: Thank Reuters. They are finally getting it with new guidelines on how to cover Trump. Send Steve Adler a thank-you: Steve.Adler@
  2. By Friday: Watch SNL. Because, honestly, the interaction with the press is getting this bad.
  3. By Sunday: Go to town halls. Here is a list of every town hall or public meeting for every Senator and Congressperson. This is what democracy looks like.


Part 2: Mixed Media

  1. Egregious anti-democracy action you probably haven’t heard of: It’s somewhat nice when we just get financial protections eviscerated and allow coal companies to defile our rivers.
  2. Easy to forward clip to family and friends: 84 Lumber’s Superbowl Ad, which Fox deemed too controversial to air. Who said women and immigrants were allowed to start businesses anyway?
  3. Coward of the week award: Senator Tillis, who appears to be literally afraid of interacting with his constituents.
  4. Hero of the week award: Whoever set up The Bowling Green Victims’ Massacre Fund.
  5. Here’s your pro-democracy, pro-America pump-up song of the week: For everyone at JFK, Dulles, and airports across the country, here’s a Peter, Paul, and Mary number for you.

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