We’re thrilled to announce that America Will Be is a founding member of the Action Alliance, a network bringing together over 60 civic engagement and resistance-focused groups throughout the country. Over the next few months, expect to see roll-outs of collaboration and new resources. To start, we are coordinating to Signal Boost one action item per week – by taking part in that item, you can join tens of thousands across the country on a single action point.

Part 1: What Can We Do Now?

  1. By tomorrow: Investigate #TrumpRussia (Signal Boost). Lob in a call to your Representative and both Senators urging them to support a Select Committee investigation into Russia. Below is a script you can use.
  2. By Friday: Support Stephanie. Stephanie Hansen is an environmental attorney running for Delaware State Senate. If she loses, the chamber flips to Republican control, and the last time, Dems only won the seat by 267 votes.  Consider helping with funds or time.
  3. By Sunday: Thank Pete Alexander at NBC. When Donald Trump blatantly lied about the size of his electoral college victory, for once, a reporter actually kept pressing him on it. Give him some Twitter likes.


Part 2: Mixed Media

  1. Egregious anti-democracy action you probably haven’t heard of: DHS’s new guidelines on immigrants confer sweeping powers on border guards.  WaPo reports here.
  2. Easy to forward clip to family and friends: Here’s a letter from a county GOP chairman saying that equal pay for women is bad because if “businesses are forced to pay women the same as male earnings, that means they will have to reduce the pay for the men they employ.” Hello, 2017.
  3. Coward of the week award: Representative Chaffetz returns to the list, this time for seeking to start an investigation of . . . Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. It would be comically hilarious if the people he’s not investigating weren’t running a nuclear-armed superpower.
  4. Hero of the week award: Jonathan Rodden, for digging into the details that show “Red America” isn’t nearly as monolithic as it looks. Read the article here.
  5. Here’s your pro-democracy, pro-America pump-up song of the week: World, Hold On!

PS – Here’s a potential script for calling your representatives on Russia:

My name is [your name], and I’m a constituent of [rep’s name]. I’m calling today to ask for [representative’s] support for an independent, bipartisan investigation into President Trump’s ties to Russia and Russia’s interference in our election. What is [rep’s] position on this?  I’m asking [rep] to support this investigation and to make an immediate public statement on the matter.

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