Hey friends – who was the last President to make it through 100 days without a single piece of major legislation passed?  Yea, I don’t know either.  Let’s put this POTUS in that category.

Part 1: What Can We Do Now?

  1. By tomorrow: Help Ossoff. Repeating from last week: Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, is making waves with his run in the Republican Georgia 6th.  The special election is Tuesday, April 18th.  Consider helping him out.
  2. By Friday: Share your story with CAP. The Center for American Progress is collecting stories of successful resistance activities. If you’ve ever helped in any way (and if you haven’t, why are you still reading?), submit your story here.
  3. By Sunday: Go to a town hall. Congress is in recess, so go to a town hall. Find them here.


Part 2: Mixed Media

  1. Egregious anti-democracy action you probably haven’t heard of: Let’s actually discuss why we dropped a gigantic bomb this week.
  2. Easy to forward clip to family and friends: The Chinese president convinces our master negotiator he’s totally wrong in only ten minutes.
  3. Coward of the week award: Representative Markwayne Mullin, who said that the taxpayers don’t pay his salary. He, in fact, literally said, “I pay for myself.” Sure you do.  Sure.
  4. Hero of the week award: David Fahrenthold, who justly won a Pulitzer for his uncompromising reporting on Trump.
  5. Here’s your pro-democracy, pro-America pump-up song of the week: Getting angrier.  Here’s Patti Smith.



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